Magnifi 2 Beta for iPhone 6 and 6s Plus (Complete Set)

Magnifi 2 Beta for iPhone 6 and 6s Plus (Complete Set)

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Complete set. Includes case, eyepiece adapter, and sizing bands.

Introducing Arcturus Labs’ Beta Program

In an effort to make Magnifi 2 available for more phones, we are using new type of manufacturing to construct the cases for certain phone models. While the eyepiece adapters are made using traditional injection molding, Magnifi 2 Beta cases are formed layer-by-layer using additive manufacturing, or 3D printing. By using this technology, we are able to form the entire case from a single piece of durable plastic with design features that would be impossible with traditional injection molding. While the surface of the Magnifi 2 Beta is more rough than ordinary plastic and more prone to scratching, we’re confident that Magnifi 2 Beta will meet the same standards of quality and performance you expect from Arcturus Labs. Below are some improvements we've made from the Magnifi 1 to the Magnifi 2 Beta.

Auto-Locking Bayonet Mount

We’ve improved our bayonet mount by adding a new locking mechanism to the Magnifi 2 Beta. Twist the eyepiece adapter clockwise, and it automatically locks securely to the case. To unlock the adapter from the case, simply hold down the latch button and twist it counterclockwise.

All-Around Protection

Featuring a wrap-around design, the case keeps every corner of your phone protected without being heavy or bulky.

Strong, Single-Piece Design

The durable plastic case is rigid enough to keep the bayonet mount secured and your phone’s camera focused, but flexible enough to quickly snap your phone in and out. Unlike nearly all other rigid plastic phone cases, the Magnifi 2 Beta case is formed from a single piece of strong nylon plastic.

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