Our users love Magnifi! They've found it useful in a variety of applications including the following:


Magnifi lets multiple students see the same image, enabling them to work together and share limited resources. You can even use the Skype or Facetime apps to stream live demos to your classroom projector.


Explore the universe with the swipe of a fingertip and share what you find with anyone, anywhere.


Whatever envelope of human knowledge you push everyday, Magnifi makes it easy to capture your images for use in papers, posters, group meetings and conference talks.


Magnifi simplifies medical documentation and empowers quick informal consults. It provides the collaboration functionality of a multi-headed scope at a fraction of the price. It also offers independence to medical students and residents, who might otherwise have to share a digital scope. Magnifi is a powerful new tool for Cytology, Endoscopy, Endodontistry, Pathology and Telemedicine.

Birding and Wildlife Observation

Magnifi is rugged and ready at a moment's notice. Share your passion for Nature with those you love.

Research and Development

Useful for anyone that works with small parts. Great for inspection and test, mechanical assembly (including assembly instructions), troubleshooting, repair, soldering, and much more. Also greatly enhances conversations with your suppliers.