Introducing Magnifi

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Magnifi connects your phone’s camera directly to the eyepiece on your microscope, telescope, binoculars, or practically any other type of optical device with an eyepiece. With the included case and eyepiece adapter, Magnifi allows you to take high resolution images and videos straight from your phone. It offers a more convenient and affordable alternative to an expensive dedicated camera, and by using a simple latch to lock, it is easier to use than a digiscoping adapter.

Afocal Design

Magnifi uses a low maintenance afocal design, meaning there are no extra lenses to keep clean. Instead, Magnifi works by precisely aligning the phone's camera with the optical axis of your existing eyepiece.

Some digiscoping adapters use built-in lenses to replace the eyepiece, but this means these adapters are only compatible with a small number of devices. With Magnifi, you can capture high quality photos and videos on a much wider range of devices.

Bayonet Mount

Magnifi is a two-piece design. The case and eyepiece adapter are connected via the unique bayonet mount. To assemble, simply align the two red dots and twist clockwise. With the case and eyepiece adapter locked together, Magnifi can keep your phone connected to your optical instrument securely.

An Actual Case

Instead of using cumbersome clamps or screws to align the phone’s camera to the eyepiece, the Magnifi’s case is designed to fit your phone perfectly, so you can remove your phone from the case or detach the case from the eyepiece adapter without having to realign the Magnifi each time.

Custom Molded Sizing Bands

For eyepieces on the smaller end of the diameter range specified below, the Magnifi comes with four custom molded silicone sizing bands. These bands sit between the Magnifi and the eyepiece, allowing for a secure fit for steady, consistent photos and videos.

How Magnifi Measures Up

Will Magnifi Work for Me?

Your Phone

Your phone must be the exact model specified in the product page for the model of Magnifi you order. This is because Magnifi uses a phone-specific case, not a universal adapter. Please be aware of this before ordering and make sure you select the Magnifi model that is designed for your phone.

Your Optical Instrument

Your optical instrument must have an eyepiece with a diameter of 1 to 1.5 inches or 25 to 38 millimeters. The eyepiece must also be unobstructed at least 1 inch (25 millimeters) below the top of the eyepiece, and any eye guards must be removable.